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The start of 2012 was slow, both mobile phones, work and personal, decided to fail, one with sim card issue and the other was the internal speaker, luckily I needed a new phone, so I purchase a Black Berry Torch, 9860 and work replaced the sim card.
AB's beat France by 8-7 in the Rugby World Cup Final
AB's beat Australia by 20-6 in the semi-finals and now play France in the final
AB's beat Argentina by 33-10 in the quarter finals and will play Australia in the semi-finals
Rugby world Cup Pool games are completed and the All Blacks are top of group A and head into the quarter finals, with Argentina, Australia, England, France Ireland, South Africa and Wales.
AB's beat Canada by 79-15 at the Cake Tin
AB's beat France by 37-17 at Eden Park
AB's beat Japan by 83-7 in Hamilton
AB's beat Tonga by 41-10 at Eden Park
2011 Rugby World Cup open ceremony was just fantastic, proud to be a Kiwi
Soon to be leaving for 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, Go the AB's
Need to populate and update the rugby database to show current results
Now all I've got to do is sort out a rental cars, which I still haven't done, looking for a nice new 4wd subaru wagon in black if possible
Now have all the All Blacks RWC tickets, so I'm leaving the Uk on 6th September 2011 and returning on 28th October 2011, Go the AB's
Barcelona, five days of fantastic sunshine and Gaudi architecture, photos and joural to be added soon.
As luck would have it, I'm going on hoilday for most of March, I'm thinking Barcelona and maybe Rome too.
Awaiting conformation of RWC 2011 Semi Final and Final tickets
Only planning to travel to NZ for Rugby World Cup this year, but I may try to head away into Europe for a few weekends
2011 RWC Group and Quarter Final All Black tickets all sorted, now awaiting Semi Final and Final ticket conformation
Wishing everyone a Merry Xams and Happy New Year
Once the structure and substructures of the new website has been worked through I will roll out a new website based on a dynamic database design using coldfusion 8/9, thus removing the need to hard code most pages manually, and allowing updates to be rolled out without the need to edit each web page.
  • Configure a sitemap and directory path for all web pages and content
  • Move web pages into correct locations using dynamic database links
  • Remove old content and update final sitmap page
A few minutes ago the website,, went down and was unable to be gain access through a web browser, please be patient until I can resolve this issue with the server. It was later confirmed that the server was not restarted after upgrading to coldfusion 9
I again working on a dynamic data based website, hopefully be able to role out the new changes within four weeks, well fingers crossed

small aspect of this design has been rolled out with a major update planned for later in the year

2011 Rugby World Cup here I come, New Zealand group tickets in hand, semi final and finals ticket to be confirmed
After having a relaxing time away in New Zealand and Thailand my return was delayed by Icelandic ash cloud over Heathrow airport and lack of seats on Qantas
Heading to New Zealand and Bangkok for a much earned rest
Look out everyone, I will be in New Zealand visiting family and friends the whole of March 2010
Sadly my trip to Morocco has been delayed
I'm now looking forward to a trip to Morocco in October
I've survived wild animals in South Africa and Manchester United four times.
I have spent the last week updating the PC, specs to follow
I'm off to Cardiff on 7th Nov to watch Wales vs All Blacks
I've been very lucky to watch Manchester United four times this season, three wins and a loss.

Man U 2-0 West Ham, Man U 1-4 Liverpool, Man U 5-2 Tottenham, Man U 1-0 Arsenal

Travel: I traveled to South Africa for Jason and Lisa wedding, visiting Cape Town, Johannesburg and Kruger National Park
Xmas is upon us, I'd say run for the hills to avoid the shopping madness.
Please find additional links below; Just Replaced my processor with an AMD Phenom 9950 Quad Core.
Watch the All Blacks Claim another grand slam, details below.

8th Nov Murray Fields, Edinburgh, Scotland 32-6

15th Nov Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland 22-3

18th Nov Thomond Park, Limerick, Ireland (Munster) 18-16

22nd Nov Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales 29-9

29th Nov Twickenham, London, England 32-6

I'm off to Manchester to watch the Red Devils play Westham on 29th October
It's time again too upgrade the PC, it's feeling a little slow against all the technical advances over the past year, but having looked at the price I might delay this till next year.
Tri-nations - working on a database version, full stats

Super 14 - as above

Six Nations - as above

2006-2007 English Premiership

FIFA World Cup Germany 2006

I have just purchased a new fresh water tropical fish tank, details below.

A bit of a slow start to 2008, skiing at Courchevel 1850, France, and nothing else planned thus far, except to update the web site with more photos and travel highlights.

Work: Moved into a new role within EDF Energy, Project Management evolving 11kV, 33kVand 132Kv Substations.

Another huge disappointment for the AB's in the 2007 Rugby World Cup. After enjoying the pool games I witness in horror as the AB's were dismissed from the 2007 RWC.

After a much awaited five week holiday in New Zealand, land of the long white cloud, where as the Uk the land of the continuous gray day, rain and poor sport coverage, for some much love food, relaxation and a good old catch up with family and friends. New Zealand hadn't change much, the feel and friendliness continues. A few new buildings and the odd road modification caused a few interesting moments.

Work wise: I've been working on the London Underground, Tower Hill Station Refurbishment Project, which incidentally finished for me around the middle of October 2007.
Travel: Trip around Jordan and Egypt with my sister Fleur and Brother Brent.
2007 RWC - 2007 Rugby World Cup
The New PC - Updated Dec 2007
Just couple of small trips away to Belgium and France.

I also watched the Mighty All Blacks take on and thrash the English (5th Nov), french twice (11th &18th Nov) and finally the Welsh (25th Nov). It was a very good year for New Zealand rugby.

Ski at Laax in Switzerland, staying at the lovely Riders Palace.
I'm going to be at the rugby, Ireland and wales v's the AB's. I can hear grand slam!!
As you all know I'm not one for taking a lot of photos, so to make amends I purchased another Digital camera, Canon EOS 300D SLR, replacing / upgrading the current point and shot Sony DSC-P12, which incidentally was crush to destuction during a recent skiing trip to Switzerland. At least some of the new photos using the new Canon will be in focus and of an acceptable quality.
If you would like to see some of the photos and details of the trips I have completed, please follow the photo menu link above. So far I have only included trip information for Turkey (ANZAC Day 2004) Eastern Europe (Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania), Scotland and a first time visit to Egypt.
During the year I visited Dingle, Ireland, for St Patrick's Day, Amsterdam and two trips to Switzerland, once to visit Claude in Fribog and the other was Skiing in Laxx. I also headed home to Christchurch, New Zealand for a friends 21st. When I return England I was greeted by the English army,full combat troops and tanks at Heathrow Airport.
After finishing my Electrical Engineering Degree, BE, in the latter part of 2001 I spent the whole of summer and xmas with my family and friends before departing to and relocating to London, well greater London, Sutton, Surrey to be exact.
Later in the year I was informed at 3am that I had passed and gained Honours in Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, that's BE Hons after my name.
Before I returned to University I visited the following locations, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Hastings, Cardiff and Paris. Paris for Valentines Day was a highlight, such a large spacious city compared to London.

Later in the year I had a three month skiing and sightseeing adventure in Canadian Rockies. I traveled from Vancouver to Kamloops, Jasper, Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, Golden, Revelstoke and Xmas in Kelowna with a Russian Australian Canadian family. I then headed off to Vancouver Island, stopping in Vistoria, Nanaimo and Tefino for New Years.

1999:During the August University term break I traveled to the United Kingdom with my father. We mainly stayed and visited relatives in Manchester. While there we toured Old Trafford and Anfield, that's Manchester United and Liverpool football stadiums for the less knowledgeable.We also traveled down to London for a touristy look around. On the way back to New Zealand we stopped in Hong Kong, Port Stanley, where my father was stationed briefly during his army career.

New Year's 2000 was interestingly spent across the river from Big Ben, yep back in London during another University break.

1998:After much thought, I resigned from Streats Electrical and started my Electrical and Electronic Engineering Degree at Canterbury University, which meant a lot of hard work for four years and very little time to earn extra cash.
1994:Advanced Trade Certificate Paper A and C
1993:Trade Certificate Theory & Electrical Wiring Regulations Papers A & B
1992:Trade Certificate 2nd Qual
1991:Trade Certificate 1st Qual
1990:Elmwood Electrical
1989: Canterbury University
1988: Form 7 Burnside High School, Christchurch, New Zealand
1987: Form 6 Burnside High School, Christchurch, New Zealand
1986: Form 5 Burnside High School, Christchurch, New Zealand
1985: Form 4 Christchurch Boys High School, Christchurch, New Zealand
1984: Form 3 Christchurch Boys High School, Christchurch, New Zealand
1983: Form 2 Cobham Intermediate, Christchurch, New Zealand
1982: Form 1 Cobham Intermediate, Christchurch, New Zealand
1981: Standard 4 Fendalton Primary
1980: Standard 3 Fendalton Primary Various swimming trips around NZ
1979:The Family moved from the farm to Christchurch, Bryndwr Rd, at the age of nine. Started swimming for Whareuni Swimming Club and playing soccer for Burndale United. I attended Fendalton Primary, Christchurch, New Zealand
1978:The Family moved from the first farm house to the second farm house. Travel by C-130 Hercules to Singapore.
1977:Move from Burnham Military Camp to the first farm house, address not known at this time, the road with big tree.
1976:We moved from Auckland to Burnham Military Camp, Christchurch, Kuru Road. Started swimming for Burnham Swimming Club and playing soccer for Burnham United. I also attended Burnham Primary School, Christchurch, New Zealand
1975:Start School at Papakura Primary School
1973:Papakura Kindergarten
1971:Moved form Mosgiel to Rose Hill Drive, Papakura, Auckland, I have no memory of Mosgiel, but I do remember Papakura play school and the house on Rose Hill Drive. What I remember about the house is a downstairs garage, a oil heating system, and a large backyard with play houses.
1970:I was born October 1970 in a little place called Mosgiel, New Zealand. Mosgiel, a huge metropolis, lies west of coastal City Called Dunedin, which is situated in the lower half of the South Island. Dunedin, "The Scottish City", in the region of Otago has a varying population during University of Otago terms.
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