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Czech Republic

I landed in Prague on Wednesday 1st September 2004, and found my way to my accommodation via a bus and tram and a small walk, lucky down hill. Sounds cool. It was interesting during rush hour as their was not much space for me and my over sized pack, Mr Fairydown.

The accommodation, Clown and Bard, is situated near the centre of town. As Steve and I had three days and nights in Prague and no other plans except at some point heading in the direction of swords and vampires, Transylvania, Dracula country. My only limitation was my return flight home, 15th Sept, important date to remember. but anyhow, We headed out for a meal and this was our first chance to use my excellent Czech speaking skills to order, yes this did include a shard show. long story short, Italian pizza, while waiting for our meal we were accommodated by three Australians, couple and a single, and I can't remember all their names, (Russell, the doctor, the wife and Tim). We all eat pizzas and had a few drinks. Man oh man it was so dam cheap. We all returned to the lovely hostel and had a few more drink before heading to bed, also so cheap. A cheap night meant a long night.

The next morning we got up around 11am and had a very nice breakfast around the corner from the hostel, also cheap, I was beginning to like this place. We then headed off to the walking tour of Prague meeting point, but unfortunately Steve and I were the only ones on the tour, so sadly it was cancelled with a half price refund and a chance to do it all over again the next day. So their we were with nothing to do, so food and a bit of sight seeing was the call of the day. As we wondered around the streets of Prague, famous for three things, And yes you guessed it we found them all.

Astronomical Clock

Charles Bridge

will be supplied by Steve

The Prague Castle

Day two in the big brother house, Walking tour on, yes, we headed around Prague with a young guide, not as pretty as yesterdays, dam it.

Interesting Points, The astronomical Clock, the guy who designed and built the clock had his eyes cut out so he couldn't build another one, sad but true. Charles bridge, used in loads of movies. An every town/city in Eastern Europe got to have a Castle, awesome. It was sack by the Swedish in 1648, yeah you guess they took everything out of the castle and left. The Czechs are still bitching about it.

The last night in Prague, night out with some girls we met, rowan and robin local night club, and a few shot glasses of absence

Cheske Krumlov

The trip to Cheske Krumlov, or to me chesty comealot, home to another castle and wild rapids. The dam hostel was 7mins from town and a whopping 45min walk from the train station, sorry Steve I bitch all the god dam way, but interestingly the hostel owner said we have interesting weather or words to that effect, very bad English. I'll translate, we have to room with two very attractive 19 year girls and two other older girls, we hit it off well, but dam it again, absolutely no nudity.

The first night we walk around the castle, it was huge. There were rumours about beers in the moat, we couldn't see them but we could smell them. At night the colourfully Castle Tower look fantastic.

The Ceshe Krumlov Castle Tower


The next day we had a proper look around the castle, we travelled around with the older girls in our room, luckily they new even more girls, fantastic. Oh back to the beers, yes their were two brown/black beers in thedry moat.

Now all that had to be done was to tam those white water rapids in the river that flow through Ceshe Krumlov, a four hour rafting trip. They even supplied us a bottle of rum, yo ho ho and bottle of rum. We were joined by the Irish girls in another raft. Recap, that's Steve and I and 5 Irish girls and a Australian, what odds. The rapids were grade 0.02, enough to say we just floated down the river, but to our astonishment the four Irish girls made a death de defying manoeuvre, they went down the wrong way, over a four foot man made water fall, dead funny too us. The four poor Irish girls were shaking for about ten minutes afterwards, but lucky the stayed in the raft, and thus we went the right way after that.

We also met up with another raft, which included the two girls we went clubbing with in Prague. After a briefly rest, a chat and some food. We made a quick exit as a water flight insoud, We didn't get wet, but man the Irish girls did. I had the last laugh on the third raft as it did it's final rapid I emptied a hugh bucket water over them as they went past, with so much force it near knock someone out of the raft.

Later that night we all headed out for a meal, I also met two more Irish girls that were staying at I hotel, so I invited them as well. So that's me and Steve with seven Irish girls and Australian girl, luckily ahh, We finished the meal and headed out for some drinks. On the way we ran into other girls staying with us, now that 10 girls, five each. I'm such a good boy so nothing happened.

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