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London - New Zealand - Rarotonga - London 2007

(Destinations and dates to be confirmed)
Sat 4th May


Depart London 22:15 for Auckland (24hrs)  
Sat 5th May 1 25,000 feet in the air
Sun 6th May 2 Arrive in Auckland 12:10  
Mon 7th May 3 Auckland - Visit family and friends  
Tue 8th May 4 Auckland - Visit family and friends  
Wed 9th May 5 Depart Auckland 14:40 for Christchurch 16:00 (1.5hrs)  
Thu 10th May 6 Drive around visiting friends (Fish n Chip Day)


Fri 11th May 7 Christchurch (complete itinerary to be added)
Sat 12th May 8  
Sun 13th May 9  
Mon 14th May 10  
Tue 15th May 11 Explore the West Coast.
Wed 16th May 12 Caving at Broken River.
Thu 17th May 13 Hamner Springs
Fri 18th May 14  
Sat 19th May 15  
Sun 20th May 16 Depart CHC 11:50 for AKL 13:10 (1.5 hrs), Depart AKL 16:30 NZL14  
Mon 19th May 15 Arrive Rarotonga 22:20 (back in time)  
Mon 20th May 16 Explore Rarotonga 
Mon 21st May 17 Explore Rarotonga (across the island walk with muco) 
Tue 22nd May 18 Explore Rarotonga 
Wed 23rd May 19 Stuart's and Erin Wedding? (unknown time or dress code)  
Thu 24th May 20 Depart Rarotonga 16:35 to Auckland 19:10 (hrs)  
Fri 25th May 21 Auckland  
Sat 26th May 22    
Sun 27th May 23


Sun 28th May 23 Depart Auckland 13:25 for London (32 hours, chasing the sun)  
Mon 29th May 24 Arrive back in the UK 06:40, Rest day!!!  
Tue 30th May 25 Back to Work.  

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