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The Edinburgh Tattoo, Scotland

I organised this wee trip to bonny Edinburgh, Capital of Scotland, a land persecuted and oppressed by the English for hundreds of years. Andrew and Ingrid also joined me on my little adventure. Gee, thanks Ryanair for a lengthy hour wait at Gatwick Airport. We stayed at the plush Palmerston Lodge Resort, situated in the Haymarket area of Edinburgh, which is approximately a ten minute walk to the centre of town.

On Friday, arrival day, I had a bit of a look around the city and visited the castle. The castle as usual is situated on top of a hill with cliff faces on three sides, thus making the castle easily defendable against attackers. The city below the castle is beautiful. This became abundantly clear at night when all the old buildings were illuminated. Oh almost forgot, how could I forget about the rain? Yes, it indeed rained the whole day, I got drenched from head to foot, so to speak. Well to tell the truth I didn't as I wore a decent coat.

Saturday, Tattoo day, after a hearty Scottish breakfast of porridge I was eager and ready to face the day. Oh my god, which meant, Ha wait a god damned minute. It's not raining!! Yes I was in Edinburgh and it wasn't raining! I pinched myself several times to make sure I was awake. I spent the whole day looking around the small streets and the amazing old buildings, occasionally peering up at the sky for the rain!! After several hours looking around, separated only by a small game of rugby (which we won AB's 30, SA 23, ref -1), it was time for me to head back to the hotel for some much needed rest and dinner.

At Tattoo time, Andrew, Ingrid and I headed up the hill to the Tattoo. If any of you know the steps up to street that leads to the entrance of the Edinburgh Castle, this is where the queue began. For those of you who don't know the Street in question, it's about 400 metres down from the castle and about 15 metres wide. It was wall to wall people. With only 15 minutes to go I thought we were doomed, but of course we made it in. We filed our way to our seats. The seats were so close to one another that I could stretch my arm around Andrew and Ingrid, cosy.

The Tattoo started with a hiss and a roar, funny little Dutch boys playing musical instruments on bicycles. I also got to see the New Zealand Army Band performing familiar tunes while doing complicated cross over marching backwards, they also performed a Haka which was a hit with the audience. They rocked. Being a Saturday night, a fireworks display followed the Tattoo. The fireworks were set off with Conquest of Paradise (Columbus 1482) playing. It was absolutely fabulous, Go Canterbury!! Yes the Canterbury Rugby Tune!! Come on Canterbury!!!, where's the rugby? I wonder, if Lord Blackadder was there as I beleive he'd have a tear in his eye!!!

After the Tattoo, as we were walking back to the hotel I noticed a pretty wee Scottish girl and of course made a small comment to Ingrid and Andrew. Ingrid made a comment about the girl's dress, to which, Andrew replied to the wee scottish girl "My wife likes your dress, but my best man likes what's in the dress". You wonder where this would get a guy at midnight! Fearing a slap, the Scottish girl was left alone.

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