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Switzerland home of smooth creamy chocolate, snow capped mountains, red trains and who could forget the Swiss pocket knife. I headed over to Switzerland to see my friend Tamara and the sights. If you can't remember Tamara I met her in London two years ago and she visited me last Christmas in Christchurch year. Yes the girl with bright red hair!!! Friday night, local Italian joint, and stayed at Tamara flat in lenzbreigh

Saturday/Sunday, visited Tamara parents in folueois, they even didn't mine me staying in her bed after they tried to get me drunk on the local sprits, dam strong stuff. Tamara drove me around the district, below is this a picture of a cafe high up a mountain side overlooking her home town, some people cycled up their, we took the cable car. easy and has a great view. After such an effort getting to the cafe we had a refreshing drink of milk, which looked like beer

Monday, Tamara headed back to work an I head to lenzbreg, home of the top of the world (below) ride a train to the base of the mountain and take a elevator up to the resultant, what a view. I stayed a hostel in lebnzbreg called barmer lodge? where I met five other individual who werekeen to get something to eat, Sara America, three English Tracy, joucy, Jeremy, and a Australian girl Dee

Tuesday, sadly my last day in Switzerland, but hay I'll be back, I visited Bern, capital of Switzerland, here thir was this amazing clock and of course loads of other stuff, old buildings and such like

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